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CAMBRIDGE, Mass., Nov. 23, 2015 — Responding to rapid growth in the adoption of the Chief Data Officer (CDO) role across government and enterprises, Leading CDOs co-founded the International Society of Chief Data Officers (isCDO), which will service as a vendor-neutral peer-advisory resource for all its CDO members. With MIT Sloan as the first university patron, isCDO has inducted more than 100 CDOs as charter members. such as Ford, GSK, and Time Inc. The university of Arkansas at Little Rock, with the first PhD and MI Information Quality programs, is the second university patron and many leading companies are poised to become founding enterprise sponsors.

Organizations are rapidly appointing CDOs to harness the exploding amount of data they are collecting and use if for strategic advantage. Fort-three percent of executives report that their firm has appointed a CDO or equivalent, according to the Wall Street Journal. That's up from 19% just two years earlier. "The rise of the CDO role is recognition by organizations of the importance of data for intelligent decision-making and competitive advantage," said MIT Sloan Prof. Stuart Madnick. "While the CDO is a relatively new roe, its adoption is accelerating as organizations globally become increasingly data-centric."

MIT will host the 10th Annual Chief Data Officer and Information Quality Symposium next July. isCDO is an outgrowth of the Chief Data Officer and Information Quality Program directed by Dr. Richard Wang; Wang will serve as isCDO's Managing Director and Madnick will chair the Board of Advisors.

Simply put, CDOs drive competitive advantage through information. The CDO is the senior business executive responsible for developing enterprise-wide data and information strategy, policy, governance, control, and effective exploitation. The CDO aligns business and technology stakeholders to strategically manage enterprise data assets to achieve business goals; creating business value and a competitive advantage.

isCDO is the progressiona society of individuas who serve in the CDO role for their organizations. isCDO serves as vendor-neutral, peer-advisory resource for all members, as a society of CDOs, by CDOs, for CDOs. isCDO members span all global geographies and industries, including public and private sectors. Members represent themselves, and are independent of their organizations.

isCDO's mission is to support and empower CDOs and others charged with leading enterprise strategy, governance, and management of information and data assets. "In order to mature data-driven decision-making across the enterprise, successful CDOs employ not only a deep understanding of data and analytics but also softer, equally critical, leadership skills; the MIT Sloan School makes it the ideal isCDO partner," say Richard Wendell, isCDO Board Member.

Added Nicholas Marko, CDO of Geisinger Health System, "isCDO is the logical continuation of the work done through MIT to organize CDO thought leaders from around the world and to create venues in which they can share their ideas and experiences. We believe that this organization will be the definitive professional society for executives tasked with managing the conversation of data to value-added information that drives business processes."

"I'm always looking for a trusted partner. For those new to the CDO role, the isCDO provides an unmatched resource of function-specific expertise and insight and for veteran CDOs it provides a neutral forum for the exchange of ideas and a sounding board for innovative thinking," says Liz Rowe, the first Chief Data Officer for the State of New Jersey, and part of the first wave of CDOs in state government.

Globally, more business are seeing quantitative improvement through their appointments of CDOs. "The CDO role has been transformative for our business," said Carlos Valdespino, CDO at GBM Mexico, and a founding member of isCDO.

isCDO provides the following primary activities, each led by an isCDO member or committee:

  • Invitation to the isCDO Forum & Round Table.

  • Polling members for real-time snapshots of the CDO perspective on hot issues.

  • Informal online discussions/advice-seeking on CDO topics.

  • Webcast events.

  • Special Interest Groups in various areas of interest such as government, healthcare, and financial services industries.

  • isCDO meetings and forums in locations globally, such as in Europe, Asia-Pacific, and South Hemisphere.

  • isCDO updates, newsletters, and white papers

  • 25% registration discount for the Annual CDO & Information Quality Symposium at MIT in July.

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