Several of our partners have donated content and requested the widest possible distribution.  Note:  This content is donated by isCDO member James Howard - thank you James!

Providing a Context for Oversight: How Boards Should Consider Data

by James Howard

We are pleased to pass along a concise guide to Executive Board-level, data issues – from the article:

Boards need to understand the opportunities and risks related to data, which can elevate a company to new heights or create irreversible brand damage. Becoming “data literate” will help boards fulfill their responsibilities to the organizations they oversee. ... (read more)

This article originally appeared in the Sept/Oct 2019 issue of “NACD Directorship” in the “In Practice” section.

9. Ethics In Data Strategy (6:42)

10. Technical Solutions (5:32)

11. Q&A (4:01)

12. Encouragement (3:57)


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