What is a CDO?

The need for a newly defined executive level role for data/information ownership is clear, and is distinct from the role of leading IT. CDO success depends on the factors described including:

  • Making data separate from technology.

  • Maintaining a data focus ! having the CDO begin as a full time position with the right tools/methods.

  • Ensuring that the CDO’s activities, processes, methodologies and work products are subject to continuous improvement according to some agreed upon roadmap.

  • Ensuring that DM work products are stored and employed in a manner that supports development of increasing integration.

  • Formally defining, implementing and following DM’s key process areas.

  • Ensuring that the CDO operates mainly from the business functional side of the organization so as to build the data leveraging practices.

  • Understanding the five DM practices areas are necessary but insufficient prerequisites to organizational data leveraging applications (aka self actualizing data, or advanced data practices).

    (from The Case for the Chief Data Officer by Peter Aiken & Michael Gorman)




Chief Data Officer Job Description

The Chief Data Officer (CDO) will manage teams across Company IT to ensure they are designed, implemented and operated as per defined policies, standards, as well as industry best practices. The CDO will provide vision and strategy for all data management activities including creating internal and external partnerships, identifying relevant supporting tools and technologies, implementing data governance, and leading the underlying technology platform development needed to enable data innovation across a large organization.


Position Description
  • Oversee high-level architectural specifications, ensuring feasibility, functionality, and integration with existing Data platforms

  • Responsible for developing and implementing a roadmap including the data management processes, policies, technologies and principles to support a consolidated data model

  • Evaluate data requirements, developing data standards and integration approaches and alternatives

  • Manage, lead, and motivate cross-functional, interdisciplinary teams to achieve tactical and strategic business goals

  • Create a vision, define a strategy, and execute a plan to support the unification of the company's data approach

  • Provide direct, hands-on guidance and oversight for data capture, maintenance, curation and application to support Company’s business processes

  • Help other leaders leverage data and predictive analytics to identify and pursue business opportunities

  • Determine and implement policies related to data management, including data storage requirements and data vendor relationships

  • Be responsible and accountable for the performance of predictive analytics and data architecture

  • Experience with definition of detailed data cleansing rules, quality scorecards and expert at engaging data experts as needed

  • Work closely with the following functional areas: cyber security, IT infrastructure, and business analysis

  • Develop and maintain consultative relationships with key stakeholders to effectively drive aligned business results

  • Demonstrate knowledge of business operations and stakeholder needs

  • Efficiently manages the personnel resources of the organization in a manner consistent with organizational policies and values

  • Develops and maintains a communication system which assures effective flow of information

  • Perform other duties as necessary to support company objectives

  • Bachelor’s degree preferred or equivalent combination of related experience

  • 10+ years of experience working in data management, Data Architecture, data model design,  creating partnerships, defining and implementing data governance, and understanding the underlying technologies needed to enable data innovation across a large organization

  • 10+ years of demonstrated management experience with strategic thinking with strong abilities in relationship management

  • Strong understanding of data warehouse design principles

  • Experience with Machine Learning and Cognitive Analysis tools and principles.

  • Strong understanding of different technology architectures and frameworks

  • Familiar with relational databases and non-relational Databases- PostgreSQL, Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server, GraphDB, Cassandra.

  • Detail oriented with the ability to work with minimum/no supervision

  • Extensive experience leading large, complex technology projects, including strategic and tactical planning and implementation, analysis, design, package selection and deployment

  • Proven Data Governance track record with an emphasis on data policies, standards, and processes design, administration and compliance monitoring

  • Strong experience with Data Integration, Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence program development and implementation

  • Extensive experience with multiple data/technology platforms

  • Experience in developing and deploying a data movement strategy that includes: client agreement strategies, monitoring and reporting strategies

  • Must be passionate about the success of Company products

  • Must be able to motivate staff to deliver

  • Must be focused on continually delivering value to Company

  • Excellent problem solving skills & strong work ethic, ability to get things done

  • Must possess High degree of integrity in working with others

  • Willing to take ownership of the success of the teams

  • Must possess excellent interpersonal and oral and written communication skills

  • Willingness to be part of a team-unit and cooperate in the accomplishment of departmental goals and objectives

  • Ability to establish and maintain professional working relationships with all levels of staff, clients and the public

  • Must be an articulate communicator, interpret and explain technical or complex information and comprehend written and verbal communication

  • Requires dynamic leadership ability that can develop and energize cross-functional multidisciplinary, high-performance work teams to learn and apply new skills/techniques to business needs, as well as demonstrated ability to influence people at a variety of levels internally and externally

  • Demonstrated ability to conceptualize, launch and deliver multiple IT projects/processes across the business division within budget, on time, and to meet quality and client satisfaction metrics

  • Supervisory Responsibilities

  • This position will manage employees of their department and will be responsible for the performance management and hiring of the employees.


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