The International Society of Chief Data Officers ( recognizes achievements of Chief Data Officers (CDOs) who led institutions and companies in developing and implementing analytics capabilities with outstanding transformational results. Inaugurated in 2017, isCDO selects awardees for presentations of their accomplishments at the annual MIT CDOIQ Symposium hosted by the Sloan School of Management.  This announcement calls for nominations to be recognized in 2020 MIT CDOIQ Symposium in July 2020.  

About isCDO Awards


While the challenges faced by COOs increase daily, the contributions made by executive data professionals are, in general, not being recognized, especially not publicly.  Recognition for outstanding achievements in the spotlight would encourage early adopters, innovators & rising data professionals to advance further their research and practices.  The publicly announced isCDO awards will also bring awareness to enterprise leadership of the: 

  • need to recognize data as an asset

  • increasing importance and tangible value delivered by the outputs of CDOs

  • need for executive education of CDOs in academia

  • challenges facing CDOs 

  • adoption of innovative approaches and increased tolerance of CDOs taking risk trials

  • employment of CDOs and clarity of practices


For CDO research & practice communities, the isCDO awards serve as a validation of the value derived from their theories and research after they have been implemented in the real world. These awards also serve as an acknowledgements of their academic quality and facilitate a network of advanced data professionals toward gaining greater tractions in fulfilling enterprise visions and missions. 


Three Categories of the isCDO Awards


The basis of the isCDO award is the CDO role described in the paper “A Cubic Framework for The Chief Data Officer: Succeeding In A World Of Big Data” by Yang Lee, Stuart Madnick, Richard Wang, Forea Wang, and Hongyun Zhang. March 2014 (13:1) MIS Quarterly Executive.  [TT1] Three categories of the isCDO Award are:

  • Transformation of Collaboration from Inwards to Outwards

  • Transformation from Traditional Data to Big Data

  • Transformation of Value Impact from Data Service to Business Strategy.  

Details for each category are explained below. Nominees can submit applications to each or all three categories.

2017 Inaugural isCDO Award Winners


  • Ms. Maria Villar, VP of Enterprise Data Management Organization, SAP won the isCDO 2017 Award In Transformation Of Collaboration From Inwards To Outwards.  (Blog Entry

  • Ms. Barbara Latulippe, Chief Data Governance Officer, Dell won the isCDO 2017Award In Transformation From Traditional Data To Big Data. 

  • Mr. Asim Tewary, VP & Head Of Data Science & Analytics, Verizon won the isCDO 2017 Award In Transformation of Value Impact From Data Service To Business Strategy. 

Nominee(s) Qualification 


All CDOs, both appointed or de-facto’ Data Leaders performing the CDO type role, anywhere around the world, are qualified to be nominated.  Both members and non-members of isCDO are eligible to be nominees.  

Requirements for Submission and Consideration

All requested information should be submitted as ONE(pdf) document, even if you submit to all three categories. The submission must include:

  • category or categories of award for which you are submitting 

  • description of use case including pain points or business challenge addressed, benefits experienced, and the solution

  • technical architecture or IT landscape diagram

  • process diagram if any

  • supporting evidence of transformation accomplishments including sample metrics

  • name of organization of nominees 

  • contact information (mailing address, email address, telephone numbers, including mobile phone numbers) 

Send your nomination packages to, copy to The deadline for submission is March 31st, 2020.

Deadlines and Timelines

Nov 9 2019:     Executive Director of isCDO issues announcement

Mar 31 2020:   Deadline to receive submission packages

April 30 2020:  Award Committee completes initial scoring of submissions

May 15 2020:  All isCDO members provide scoring inputs

May 30 2020:  Award Committee integrates isCDO members’ scores into final scoring sheet

June 10 2020:  Executive Director of isCDO notifies winner(s)

June 30 2020:  Award Committee coordinates winner(s) and associates to attend ceremony

July 25  2020:  Winners presented with award at the July 21-23, 2020 MIT CDOIQ Symposium. Press release and web cast for global distribution.  

Michael Servaes

Executive Director, isCDO                                                                              

James Meng

Awards Committee, isCDO

First Category: Award for Transformation of Collaboration from Inwards to Outwards 

Second Category: Award for Transformation from Traditional Data to Big Data 

Third Category: Award for Value Impact of Transformation from Data Service to Business Strategy

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