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Primary Benefits We Offer Our Members

  1. Access to members-only areas on our website
  2. isCDO online concierge service.
  3. Polling members for real-time snapshots of the CDO perspective on hot issues.
  4. Participate in conversations in the exclusive isCDO LinkedIn Group.
  5. 50% registration discount for the Annual MIT CDO & Information Quality Symposium on the MIT campus in July.
  6. Invitation to the isCDO forums, round tables, and meetingsĀ in locations globally, such as in Europe, Asia-Pacific, and South Hemisphere.
  7. Invitation to the Annual MIT CDO Forum West in San Francisco
  8. Special Interest Group (SIG) in various areas of interest such as Federal Government, financial services industries, healthcare, etc.
  9. Promoting the CDO role in university curricula and developing training materials.
  10. isCDO updates, newsletters, and white papers.
  11. Webcast events.

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Student Membership fee: USD$1 for this year (2018)