Executive Team

Managing Director
Richard WangRichard Wang, Chief Data Officer & Information Quality (CDOIQ) Program
Chairman of the Board
Stuart MadnickStuart Madnick, MIT Sloan School of Management
Associate Directors
Peter AikenPeter Aiken, Data Blueprint
Robert LuttonRobert Lutton, Sandhill Consultants
Mark RamseyMark Ramsey, GlaxoSmithKline plc.
Maria VillarRichard Wendell, TE Connectivity
Board of Advisors* 2016
Brian BaczykBrian Baczyk
Joe BugajskiJoseph Bugajski
John FlemingJohn Fleming
Nicholas MarkoNicholas Marko
Mark NanceMark Nance
Mark RamseyMark Ramsey
Andrew SaleskyAndrew Salesky
Michael ServaesMichael Servaes
Derek StraussDerek Strauss
Tina TangTina Tang
Maria VillarMaria Villar
Maria VillarRichard Wendell

*Members of the  Board of Advisors actively contribute to all aspects of ISCDO through pro-active involvement in the Society daily operations, and decisions ranging from drafting the Society vision, mission, goal and objectives, charter to approving new member applications, and to leading Society tasks.  They represent themselves, independent of their organizations. The goal is to attain the collective experiences as CDOs, in and outside their organizations.

Enterprise Advisors** 2016
Global IDs
Noetic Partners

**Enterprise advisors are influential industry leaders who contribute to ISCDO through their organizational capabilities to guide ISCDO, to recruit members and secure sponsorship, to provide tools, platforms, techniques, models, reports, and consultancies beneficial to members. Enterprise Advisors represent their organizations. They are essential and critical to ISCDO’s success of, as well as each and every member.

Executive Assistant
Paul Gillin, B2B Social Media Strategist
Yang Lee, Northeastern University
Maggie Zhang, Xian Jiaoting University & MIT CDOIQ Progra